I've wanted to make this gorgeous cake since the recipe was first published in 2014, and this is the year I'm going to do so. In the instructions,...

... could you please clarify item #6 vis a vis the comments from Coffecat (11 months ago) and Harry (almost 2 years ago) about the number of layers? My understanding is that if you slice the 2 white and 2 red layers in half, then you'd have 8 layers total, but are only using 6 layers for the cake, so would then have 2 layers of unused cake left over? Is that correct? Thanks

  • Posted by: Ellen
  • June 9, 2016
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American Flag Cake
Recipe question for: American Flag Cake

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Erin J. June 10, 2016
Hi Ellen - yes, the easiest way to get cakes the proper size is to bake multiple layers, and it will give you more than you need. Make cake "truffles" or "pops" with the extra, or just snack on it to reward yourself for making such a big cake project! :)
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