Can I make a two-layer cake by pouring in batters one at a time?

I'm planning on making a red-and-white cake for the GOP primary debates tomorrow. (No judgement, my friends like politics and I like sweets) However, the only thing I have to bake in is a loaf pan with sloping sides, so baking two layers separately would take more time and would result in an uneven cake.

Would it be possible to pour in one batter, then the other, and have discrete layers? If not, do I have any good options? I'm thinking about trying to just put a sheet of parchment paper in the middle.

  • Posted by: sam
  • September 16, 2015


Angela September 16, 2015
I agree that it will depend a lot on the thickness of the batters. What type of cake are you making? I think one of the stiff batters with whipped egg whites folded in would work (I can't ever remember what different styles are named).
If it's one batter that you are planning to add food coloring to for the red, you could consider just swirling in the coloring for a marbled cake, instead of the layers.
Angela September 16, 2015
Also, I just remembered that I've made a zebra cake before, where you pour layers of batter to get stripes. That requires a thinner style batter and works out fine in keeping distinct layers. I think you could get two or more layers nicely.
Maedl September 16, 2015
It is hard to say whether the layers would run together and create a pink mess . . . or just an odd-looking layer. It would depend on how thick the batter is.

Do you have two cast iron frying pans that are the same size? That might be a better bet.

We also have a cake called Baumkuchen here in Germany. It is usually made on a rotating spit over hot coals, but Jamie Oliver has a recipe that would work for your idea. See
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