What is the best food to have on your birthday?



Smaug June 6, 2016
My birthday being in July, it's usually 110 degrees where I live; I'd have to go with ice cream with a side of barbecue.
BerryBaby June 6, 2016
scruz June 2, 2016
well, i would repeat what i had on my first day of retirement. fresh dungeness crab, followed by a rack of lamb dinner. totally decadent but fitting for all the number of years spent at work in a cubie. i think that would be a fine birthday caloric intake.
scruz June 2, 2016
oh, and lots of bubbly.
Sean R. June 2, 2016
Dungeness crab?? That is a great life. :D
ChefJune June 2, 2016
If I'm cooking on my birthday it will probably be Boeuf Bourguignon. Unless I'm craving something else...
Alex M. June 2, 2016
Me and my family had a dish of fun and a side of laughter :)
iuzzini January 19, 2011
We celebrate birthday months . . . it started as a week, and now it's approaching 2 months. One month to work up to the birthday, and another to wind it down. :) Lots of treats during this time- special breakfasts, dinners, and desserts. Homemade ice cream cake filled with fave ice cream and cake flavors and covered w ganache has been a big hit!
jwolfsthal January 19, 2011
Cake - Cake has no calories on your birthday. It is a scientific fact!
Soozll January 19, 2011
The olive in your Martini...kidding! maybe not.
Fantastic M. January 19, 2011
Ice cream cake, preferably from Carvel.
foongfest January 19, 2011
When I was growing up in Asia, we always had birthday longevity noodles on birthdays. Basically they're noodles that are really long. We usually had them stir-fried. The long strands symbolize a long life.

Eating those just remind me of my childhood so I guess the best food to have on my birthday is food that reminds me of my younger times..

Oh yeah, don't forget the cake. :)
bella S. January 19, 2011
We like to have an "innie" and an "outie" birthday. You get to choose what you want your meal at home to be, as well as a meal at a restaurant of your choice. One can be on your "official" birthday, and one can be on a date of your choice. We have been celebrating "birthday week" for a while now. We have friends who like having "birthday month". It can be a lot of fun.
lastnightsdinner January 19, 2011
My menu of choice for my last two birthdays has been my husband's delicious fried chicken and a sparkling rose' - the pairing suggested by a wine-expert friend.

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AntoniaJames January 19, 2011
The food you love the most! Whatever that is . . . . . . preferably served with a side of laughter. ;o)
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