What is the best thing to eat with pickles, and what is the best food with butter beer?

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Niknud August 1, 2017
I like this game! And it totally depends on the pickle. If we're talking bread and butter pickle, you can't go wrong with a good pastrami or pulled pork sandwich. I personally like them on my tuna sandwich but my husband informs me I have bad taste when it comes to tuna sandwiches (pickles, chips, tomatoes, cheese!). If we're talking sour pickles, I stick to my Vermont roots and say the best way to eat the sourest of sour pickles is with black coffee, homemade donuts and sugar on snow. This should be done, preferably, in the church basement (regardless of your religion) in the very early spring with your fellow townsfolk while trying to use up last year's maple syrup before the sap starts running. With everyone's snow boots by the back door and the smell of wet flannel in the air.
Alida August 1, 2017
This is ganna sound really weird but i like to wrap my pickles in dates and eat them because it makes it sweeter but you still get the sourness from the pickle but its not as strong
lovesitc June 4, 2011
I love a pickle spear eaten bite by bite with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Something about this combo . . . . So Good Together!
susan G. June 4, 2011
Bring on the ice cream! Isn't that the natural pairing with pickles?
betteirene June 4, 2011
I forgot to add the mustard! A nice grainy one, or a smooth brown one would be nice.
betteirene June 4, 2011
Pickles and butter beer for lunch with a sandwich of pumpernickel or seedless rye bread, butter, cold sliced roast pork or country ham and a slice or two of a mature (not baby) Swiss.
boulangere June 4, 2011
Mmmm. Could totally see that on the Hogwarts dining table.
hardlikearmour June 4, 2011
I'd drink butter beer with a nice treacle tart.
boulangere June 3, 2011
Pickles with anything. Butter Beer with a broom and a wand.
wssmom June 3, 2011
Pickles rule by themselves! But I love them with pork ...
lorigoldsby June 3, 2011
With pickles...a good burger or pork bbq. But I thought butter beer was something imaginary when I read it in "Harry Potter"
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