I have a bottle of Lazy Kettle "all natural concentrated" hickory liquid smoke. Any good suggestions for how to use it?



hardlikearmour January 21, 2011
I always thought liquid smoke was some weird chemical thing, then I learned it is actually liquified smoke. I use it to make indoor pulled pork - added to the brining liquid and the wet rub. Got the recipe from Cook's Illustrated and make it with the Carolina mustard sauce. Makes great sandwiches! I also use it when I make vegetarian black beans and rice - see the Gumbo Pages for the recipe. I also have used it when making caramels http://www.food52.com/recipes/8434_smoked_tea_caramels
ChefDaddy January 21, 2011
In the past when I have had to use something like this I used it to rub down large peices of red meat. Used by wetting my hands with a few drop and rub the meat down before seasoning. I did this because marinating with it can go so wrong if not very careful with amount of time exposed. Too much (and I mean one drop too many) and you have ruined your meat. Some people recommend not to use but it has it's place. I found if a smoker is not available though a smoke box for the cook top is best.
aargersi January 21, 2011
a couple drops in the marinade for beef jerky, a drop or two for a good smokey home made BBQ sauce ... a little goes a long way!!
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