I received a gift of Mesquite naturally smoked olive oil and am not particularly inspired by the flavor - any great ideas out there this am?



Sam1148 May 31, 2011
The smokey flavor could pare well to make a smokey mayo. Which could be used to make a ailoli with capers. To use on smoked fish meats like roast beef. (with the addition of horseradish).
A nice room temp noodle style pasta salad topped with smoked fish (smoked trout, salmon--stuff in the vac pack is fine for quick). Chopped tomatoes, capers, arugula (Chiffonade cut). Topped with dressing with horseradish addition.

Could also be good as a ailoli for serving with fried green tomatoes. Or a dipping sauce for fries.
b.joyce May 31, 2011
I bought that oil & dumped it. I'm crazy about one from "the smoked olive". I like their chili/smoked oil......but LOVE their SONOMA oil.
ChefDaddy May 23, 2011
I believe that this is to be used as a cooking oil to give a smoky flavor to protiens primarily. I make smoked kosher salt for a friend that cannot be around a smoky BBQ but loves the smoky flavor of wood fired protiens. So he uses the smoked salt to get that flavor on his gas grill. I hope this helps.
Larry W. May 22, 2011
Oh well worth a try...it might also be good as a marinade for hangar or skirt steak. Maybe with some paprika and garlic or chipoltle. Put it all in a blender and then marinate it for a couple hours. Good luck!
corcooks44 May 22, 2011
I have to say, I love all of your suggestions and I am intrigued. Not that I would ever, ever re-gift either, Amanda, but that is not an option this time as I had to give my gift a sniff the second I got it! Sorry Larry! I love the idea of the wet rub and the pili-pili and am going to give both a shot.
Larry W. May 22, 2011
You should totally give it to me!...I will also be happy to take any scotch or gin that you don't need off your hands!
jane_grenier May 22, 2011
Make smoky pili-pili: empty the whole bottle into saucepan, add your choice of dried hot peppers, whole garlic cloves, herbs (dried or fresh)--moderate heat (no bubbles) for about 20 mins, strain back into the bottle. Use to make croutons, as a condiment on pizza, or as base for a bbq rub or marinade. You'll be loving it in no time!
Amanda H. May 22, 2011
Re-gift? (Not that I would ever, ever do that.....)
pierino May 22, 2011
Mesquite has a fairly intense flavor (not one I especially crave). You might incorporate it into a wet rub for roast pork or a porterhouse. I would add chopped rosemary, minced garlic and sea salt. Forget about using it for salad dressing.
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