Smoking brisket on a Webber kettle for the first time. Any tips?

I’m smoking a 10lb brisket on my new Webber kettle, I bought charcoal rails and a drip pan to fill with water. Really nervous I’m using a prime brisket so I need this so go well. Do you have any tips or techniques for a really tender juicy brisket?



Sam June 6, 2020
Go to for guidance. It's a great resource for grilling and BBQ. Good luck!
BakerBren June 5, 2020
Do you have an outline recipe you're working from? I recommend looking up the Texas Crutch technique to keep the brisket moist and speed cooking (basically wrapping in foil part way through cooking to prevent evaporative temperature stalling). I don't personally have experience with smoking on a Weber kettle grill so hopefully someone else can chime in on using that.
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