does any body know a trick for cleaning shrimp really quickly?

  • Posted by: brandon
  • January 24, 2011


mrslarkin January 24, 2011
It's time-consuming any way you go about it. Whether or not you strategically place the shrimp behind your tire and then get in the car. There isn't really a quick way about it. You can buy cleaned and deveined shrimp. A little pricier, but if time is short... I also use the Queen's assembly line method mostly, then wipe away the string of crud with a dry paper towel.
latoscana January 24, 2011
As Midge says, use a shrimp deveiner. However, here's a cheaper one for $6, also on amazon:

It truly is a magic wand. It makes short work of pulling out the vein along with the shell in one motion.
pierino January 24, 2011
Which leads to the question, "must we really devein our shrimp?" I kind of like cooking them with the head and tail intact. Not much in that sand vein that's going to harm you.
Midge January 24, 2011
Love my shrimp deveiner, looks like this one:
ChefDaddy January 24, 2011
Pierino's suggestion also works on garlic for those that can't find thier garlic press.
pierino January 24, 2011
Place them behind the rear tire of your car and carefully back over them. Remove debris and wash thoroughly. Well, at least it's fast.
foongfest January 24, 2011
I use a skewer or toothpick to de-vein my shrimp most of the time.I find it slightly faster than normal de-veining. I tried describing it but I guess a youtube video would explain it faster and better.
ChefDaddy January 24, 2011
I've seen a shrimp peeler and devainer tool somewhere. I'ts something that you feed the shrimp in and crank. Have not used but check it out.
Queen O. January 24, 2011
I haven't found the magic wand yet :( However, I find that if I set up a little methodical station it goes quick-ER if not quickly. There are a couple of 1 or 5 minute videos on the web under "How to Clean Shrimp". I usually only remove the top vein. My stations go: One pile of shrimp, one large bowl of water, colander. 1. Go through the whole pile of shrimp, slitting through the back and drop in bowl of water; 2. Remove shell and vein swishing in bowl of water for all shrimp, dropping each in colander; 3. quick rinse. It seem to go faster this way rather than going through the whole process with each shrimp one at a time.
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