How long does it take to poach shrimp, and is a court bouillon really necessary?

James Durazzo
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1 Comment

RespectThePastry November 13, 2013
Shrimp do not take long to poach at all. They will be done in anywhere from 2-5 minutes depending on water temp and the size of your shrimp. When your shrimp are finished cooking you will be able to tell because they will have gone from that greyish and translucent color to orange and cloudy white. Slightly (very slightly) under cooking shrimp is NOT a bad thing. And a court bouillon is not necessary although it does add flavor to your shrimp. If you do no want to make a court bouillon at least generously salt your poaching water before adding in the shrimp, similar to the way in which you would salt pasta water.
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