a toothsome whole-wheat pasta, baked tofu and homemade chipotle salsa: yay or nay? ideas for veggies to go with?



Anitalectric January 28, 2011
That sounds great. It might be nice to add something creamy to the salsa to make a nice smooth sauce for the pasta. If that sounds good, you can take a peek at this recipe of mine and incorporate any elements of that sauce you think would work: http://verdantkitchen.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/chipotle-cashew-creamy-pasta/

Veggies to go-with: a lightly dressed green salad would be nice to balance out the hearty tofu and pasta.
Raquelita January 28, 2011
last night i had it with roasted squash and some steamed veggies. I was hungry at that point, but I have leftovers and broccoli and I think Syronai's idea is great--I love slightly charred broccoli. Going to add some asian eggplant and rutabaga to the roasting mix.
aargersi January 28, 2011
YAY! I had WW pasta with sauted shallots, swiss chard (leaves and stems) and parmesan last night - it was VERY tasty, OK well I drizzled that butternut oil and threw a poached egg on top too ...
susan G. January 27, 2011
Sounds tasty and balanced -- just needs color. Broccoli as above, then how about one of the apple salads from the just-ended contest? Leave on the peels to point up the color, or throw in some red grapes or red peppers... Stand in your produce department and let the colors speak for themselves!
beyondcelery January 27, 2011
Sounds good! How about oven-roasted broccoli for your veggie?

Drizzle olive oil in an oven-safe skillet or cast iron pan. Toss in washed florets (from one large bunch). Drizzle with more olive oil and 2-3 cloves chopped garlic. Cover in salt and black pepper to taste. Broil at 400F for about 10-15min, until bright green and beginning to blacken on the tops. Remove from oven and immediately dash 2 tsp lemon juice over hot broccoli. Serve hot.
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