What are the best substitutes for cognac? I've done a little research myself, but want to know what has been best for you guys from experience.

  • Posted by: runsnmx
  • January 28, 2011


nice R. November 26, 2013
thank you , maybe when the flambe dies down my dinner guests won't be the wiser Happy Thanksgiving !
runsnmx January 28, 2011
Thanks guys. I appreciate it!
RobertaJ January 28, 2011
Any domestic brandy will work fine as substitute for Cognac in cooking applications, especially where the flavor of the brandy is not a key element. As with other cooking spirits, though, don't use it to cook with if you wouldn't drink it.
usuba D. January 28, 2011
All cognac is brandy (distilled wine), but not all brandy is cognac. . . so, you can substitute most brandies for cognac. Little secret, I once fooled one of the top NY French chefs in a blind tasting of cognac, but I threw Bushmill's Black Bush before it was imported into the USA. He thought it was brandy!
runsnmx January 28, 2011
oh, and if this is helpful, I'm trying a recipe from this website. Chicken breasts in a mustardy sauce.
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