I thawed round steak thinking it was a chuck roast. Before I realized, I had put it in a roaster to bake. What can I do?

Gail Cope


Gail C. June 28, 2016
That's pretty much what I did. I put cream of mushroom soup and 2 beef bouillon in pan and returned it to oven on 250 degrees. Was delicious and tender. Also, a med. Onion sliced thin. Umm umm good. Thanks for your response.
PHIL June 28, 2016
if it is a steak you can bake it and then do a reverse sear in a cast iron pan on the stove. Bake till it is 125-135 inside and them sear it in the frying pan.

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BerryBaby June 28, 2016
Turn it into Pepper Steak! Add canned tomatoes, green peppers and onion and cover tightly with foil. Oven time will depend on the size of the steak, but I wouldn't think more than an hour or so at 350 or until the steak is fork tender. Serve it over rice with the tomato sauce. One of my favorite dishes!
Gail C. June 28, 2016
Sounds good, I'll try that next time Thanks
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