Anybody have a clever way to use up 5 egg yolks? I'm using the whites in a souffle and hate to waste the yolks. Thanks.

  • Posted by: fishesm
  • January 29, 2011


Burnt O. March 23, 2011
I love foodpickle! I spent ALL day making macarons and have a dozen yolks, some almonds, cream and Meyer lemons leftover. What to make with it all? I searched Foodpickle for previous pickles and found this entry and the link to the Meyer Lemon Semifreddo - brilliant!
MikkiPoppy February 8, 2011
Maybe make a semifreddo or lemon curd. Here's a recipe for a refreshing meyer lemon semifreddo... I just made it the other day. Now, what to do with the egg whites...
fishesm January 29, 2011
You guys are good! Thanks for all the suggestions. The souffle was a hit tonight -- my 2-year-old cleaned her plate -- and the yolks will become fritatta for brekky with ingredients I have on hand. I'll save the dessert recipes for next time and plan to go shopping in advance. Yum!
susan G. January 29, 2011
For yolks in waiting, I put a little water over them so they won't dry out on top.
virgieandhats January 29, 2011
Any kind of chocolate pots de creme! Like this one: or make these by way of Dorie Greenspan and Daniel Boulud and enter them in the cardamom contest this week!

What a wonderful bounty to have in the kitchen!
amysarah January 29, 2011
This may be your opportunity to bring Sabayon back (I've been campaigning for it to be the next 'It' dessert.) Kind of retro, rich/decadent without being, all that whisking is great for your arms. Win-win-win.

Julia Childs/Jaques Pepin's recipe is pretty classic (basically 3-4 ingredients including the yolks):

Btw, I don't think it needs the 'glazed' step - wonderful served simply with fresh strawberries. Raspberries or peaches are good too; with very ripe fresh figs it's almost criminal.
pierino January 29, 2011
Five yolks is just about right for a gelato if the you have an ice cream maker.
Queen O. January 29, 2011
Keep them in airtight container in fridge for next meal: frittata.
zametkin January 29, 2011
I cook them and give them to my dog.
francesca G. January 29, 2011
You could make a TON of aioli (homemade -- often garlic-infused -- mayonnaise). 1 yolk to every half cup of olive oil. Temper the yolk with a touch of mustard and then gradually whisk in the olive oil being careful not to let the emulsion break. You want a matte (as oppose to glossy) color. Throw together some seasonal crudité (lightly boiled perhaps), and voilà: lunch. Beware, however, that the aioli doesn't last much longer than a day in the fridge.
Kristen M. January 29, 2011
Lots of great desserts, like custards, pots de creme, sabayons require egg yolks but no whites, like this lovely Black Mission Fig Creme Brulee:
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