How often to dust? HowTo keep feather dusters from being moth eaten? Help! I can't keep up!



Sean R. July 30, 2016
To be a completely unhelpful troll, I recommend adopting some really mellow cats! Mine will often flop down on cool, smooth surfaces and I scoot them around to get a little dusting in. Bonus: They might eat the moths too. ;P
BerryBaby July 30, 2016
We switched to a Swiffer duster. The dusters come off so you can change them often and toss the used one. Had to buy Moth houses at the hardware store. This is the time of year that the hatch. They work great. No chemical smell they have a sticky substance that attracts the moths.
trampledbygeese July 29, 2016
Moths! Oh NOSES! Not MOTHS!

One trick is to stick the duster in the freezer between dusting. That will kill off any baby or adult moths that get in your duster (but not the eggs). If they are eating your duster, you might have a larger problem. Best to check your sweaters and grain stores (including things made from grains like pasta). Different kinds of moths eat different things.

How often to dust? I'm not sure this is the answer. If you have moths in your duster, then they might spread, so maybe the better solution to more frequent dusting would be the freezer technique.

Historically, dusting once or twice a week is most common.
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