How do you keep your recipes organized?

Need help getting organized. How do you keep your recipes?

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soniacooksfood April 29, 2021
I keep things digital and use a Google Sheet in my Drive for all my recipes (Type of Dish/Cuisine, Links, Notes/Adjustments, etc.). For my hardcopy cookbooks, I also include favorite recipes in the Google Sheet; it's an easy way to remind me of dishes I love making when I'm in a cooking rut!
Gayle C. April 28, 2021
I wish I knew a good way. I have a ring binder for recipes I've torn out of magazines, I use Pinterest for other people's online recipes and then I have my own blog for things I have created -
Miss_Karen April 27, 2021
I have actual folders. Such as poultry,breads etc, cookies... My cookie folder weighs close to 7 lbs. Periodically, I go through the folders and remove the recipes that, while they sounded good,I haven't made them (or I have several versions so I keep the best ones.)
I have also consolidated my favorites into a book of my own.
Nancy April 27, 2021
Not identical but similar to what Miss Karen does.
I have an entry point for recipes I'm learning or considering (bookmarks), storage for ones I've found that work or are pleasing (folders in OS, some in 3-ring binder), periodic culling (every two or three years).
I think there may be a combination of issues here - not only how to organize the recipes, but how to use them.
My home-made system works well enough, but if I were starting out now I'd probably buy into and use one of the online apps that also give other functions like meal planning, pantry inventory, adjusting recipe size, generating shopping lists.
Here's one review of current good recipe apps.
HalfPint April 27, 2021
Not very well, I'm afraid. I have a lot of recipe pdfs, organized into folders on my computer. It's not the best system by any stretch. For the ones that I keep going back to, I print out and put into a 3 ring binder that my BFF made for me years ago.
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