Why are my macarons not shiny?

I have the same recipe from the Food Network and have made it many many times and even out of the same batch some will be shiny and some will not so I believe it must be something in the prep, the amount of time they set or something that is giving me inconstant results. Any insight on what the culprit is?

Karen Lee


Karen L. August 2, 2016
Oh and I live in Michigan, I realize I never said that :)
Amanda G. August 2, 2016
Where do you live? I ask because humidity can greatly affect macarons. I don't even bother making them here (Gulf Coast) in the summer because they're so temperamental. If that's not it, I'm going to guess its your meringue. Is it glossy and shiny before the macaronnage (the step of mixing the almond flour with the meringue)?
Karen L. August 2, 2016
It has been pretty hot but made them a week and a half ago for hubby's birthday and we had a very long dry hot spell and they were very shiny. My whole second batch failed today, had my grandson helping and I think I didn't measure correctly while trying to make sure he didn't sift out of the bowl. I guess just more practice practice practice. Thanks
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