I'm a little confused by the latest contest, "Your Best No-Bake Desserts". Does this constitute any type of heat cooking?

  • Posted by: LouLou
  • August 2, 2016


702551 August 2, 2016
Over half (probably closer to two-thirds) of the current entries are sorbets, ice creams, and/or chocolate. That means that people are either cooking simple syrup, making a classic crème anglaise custard, or melting chocolate on a stovetop.
Caroline L. August 2, 2016
Hi LouLou,

We're looking for desserts you can make without the oven—and, if necessary, only little stovetop heat! (Lots of granitas, for example, call for a simple syrup to be made. That's great by us—but something that requires lots of simmering on the stove, wouldn't be a good fit for this contest.) Thank you for checking! Looking forward to seeing your entries.
LouLou August 3, 2016
That answers it! :) I'm going to see what I can whip up the weekend!
702551 August 2, 2016
Food52's contest guidelines tend to be rather loose to encourage reader engagement and participation.

If you look at the submitted recipes, there are plenty of dishes that require extensive stovetop use, so it really appears that Food52 is asking for recipes that don't require you to turn on the oven (i.e., baking).
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