I usually boil my sweet potatoes before baking in the oven with sugar etc. My latest recipe does not call for cooking the potatoes first.

Pam Mischel
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1 Comment

Cook's S. November 22, 2016
Hi Pam! Is this a casserole-type dish with sugar and marshmallows? Often times we cook sweet potatoes through ahead of time for a casserole (by steaming or boiling or what-have-you) so that they the dish can just finish in the oven, getting the toppings to the perfect state of done-ness without having to wait for the sweet potatoes to cook completely through.

When roasting sweet potato slices with just oil and salt, we start them in a cold oven, covered with foil, and them roast them at 425 degrees F for 30 minutes, before taking off the foil and finishing them uncovered for the last 25 minutes or so. This gives the sweet potatoes time for their starches to convert to sugars in the slow beginning roast (starch converts to sugar most readily in sweet potatoes between 135 and 170 degrees), and finishing them off supple and browned.

So, depends a bit on the recipe and the surrounding factors whether or not boiling ahead of time or not is important. Happy to answer more with more detail! Good luck! -Molly
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