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I'll be visiting Copenhagen September 7th - 11th for the very first time as a belated birthday gift (to myself)! Of course I'm trying to score a table at Noma - they now have a shared table option where you dine with strangers instead. For the past few weeks I've tried their reservations website, tried calling their phone number only to be placed on hold for 30+ minutes etc. I recently read online that some people get reservations for a large group and then try to find strangers to fill the spots (they do Skype 'dates' & exchange emails to make sure all parties are serious about the experience) which is a cool idea but can be expensive if you don't find people to fill the spot in time as they still charge for empty seats.

If anyone knows of any open diner spots during these dates (Sept 7th - Sept 11th) with people who are going, please let me know! Or if you know how to score last minute reservations without sacrificing your soul that would be awesome too! :-)

Thank you in advance!



Nancy August 3, 2016
Suggestions on how to find the groups who have reservations:
>use leads from the online story
>post yourself on various social media sites with hashtag indicating you want a Noma reservation Sep7-11
>search for Danish food bloggers and websites, to see if you can make connections through them
>find a Danish newspaper and promise them a human interest/tourism story if they can help you connect
Nancy August 3, 2016
PS Hope you get the dinner and tell us all about it afterward. In any case, have a great trip!
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