An old family recipe for steamed date pudding calls for a pound of ground dates. How do I get the right texture without a grinder?

And should I buy chopped dates or whole dates to start with? This is my first time making it. My great aunt always gave us this delicious pudding every Christmas.

  • Posted by: Louisa
  • December 5, 2019


Gammy December 6, 2019
I would start with whole dates and add the sugar from the recipe, rather than chopped dates, which may be already coated with an amount of sugar, and could be dried out a bit.
Wendy December 5, 2019
I have chopped dates finely is my food processor. My method is to add some of the sugar in the recipe to the processor keep the dates from becoming too sticky.
Louisa December 5, 2019
Thank you. I had thought of whizzing the dates, but was afraid I’d just end up with a very heavy paste. Adding the sugar should help.
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