Freezer Jam a Year Old is it good?

Found a jar of Strawberry Freezer Jam tucked way in the back of the freezer from over a year ago. Is it still good or should I toss it? BB



BerryBaby August 5, 2016
I'll give it a try. No freezer burn, it is in a small jar in the refrigerator freezer, which is amazingly cold, like a blast freezer! I'm not kidding this thing freezes everything in a matter of minutes.
mainecook61 August 5, 2016
So much depends on the kind of freezer you're talking about. A product well sealed in a a chest -type freezer that's kept very cold will keep much longer than the " recommended" times. Things stored in a small freezer atop or alongside a refrigerator keep less well, in my experience, perhaps because of the more frequent opening and closing that takes place.
MrsWheelbarrow August 5, 2016
There is nothing in freezer jam that would make you I'll. The fresh flavor will have diminished, the color will have faded, it may have taken on other freezer flavrs, or it could be freezer burned.
702551 August 5, 2016
Likely the only bad thing that could happen to it is freezer burn. You'll have to taste it to find out.
burning-ice August 5, 2016
I just googled freezer jam as I had never heard of it - and in this article here it says it can stay in the freezer for about a year:
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