This is a silly question but I just got my first French Oven, (from Food52 :)) and I am so excited! What is a good first time beginner recipe to try?

Elena Piskounova


p. T. August 14, 2019
This pot is great for a straightforward batch of beans. I love to make pink beans with lots of garlic, a cup or two of diced onion, a big can of the best whole (or cut-up) tomatoes, a ham hock, and a lot of cumin, both ground and the seeds. Don't salt until near the end, when everything has melded together. Then, pull out a cup of whole beans to mash, remove the ham hock and return the mashed beans and morsels of meat from the hock to the pot. Great for a barbecue or any fiesta! Also good without the pork. Just add a little smoked paprika.
Nancy August 5, 2016
I, too, recommend beef stew. My favorite is boeuf bourgignon.
But that feels more like a fall or winter dish.
What about something that takes advantage of summer produce, like a big ratatouille.
Or an eggplant lasagna.
To drink with either or both: Zinfandel or Primitivo.

Or maybe some version of Spanish chicken with fruits (Chicken Marbella, many others).
Megan L. August 5, 2016
The first recipe I ever made in my french oven is the Genius Pork Ragu - very straightforward and so, so good!
Elena P. August 5, 2016
That looks delicious! But what is 1 small pat butter?
702551 August 5, 2016
It's a small serving, about 1-1.5 teaspoon, not a precise measurement.
SMSF August 5, 2016
I vote for pot roast or braised lamb shanks!
pierino August 5, 2016
I will second braised lamb shanks and raise you 15 whole shallots.
702551 August 5, 2016
Pulled pork
PHIL August 5, 2016
any short ribs recipe is delicious . also you could make a chili.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 5, 2016
Not silly. For me, beef stew is my favorite!
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