Has anyone tried using stout beer instead of coffee? Maybe a coffee stout? I wonder how that would turn out...?

Jenny Y
  • Posted by: Jenny Y
  • August 8, 2016
Chocolate Bundt Cake
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Jenny Y. August 10, 2016
I made it last night, using some coconut porter I had already opened on hand, and it turned out fantastic like everyone else has said. The texture is super moist and tender, and the beer only adds a subtle flavor; I think if I tried an even darker beer it might have been a bit more intense. Anyway, I'm loving it for breakfast and will make it again and again trying different variations of fluids!
Nancy August 10, 2016
Another member of the "anything-for-breakfast" club....
Jenny Y. August 8, 2016
Thanks for all the links Nancy! I have made the Smitten Kitchen version before and loved it, but I wondered since the ingredient proportions are a bit different, how this one would turn out if I simply swapped the coffee for the stout. But I'll give it a try and see what happens (maybe I'll start with half coffee and half stout)!
Nancy August 8, 2016
I think your idea of a coffee stout instead of the brewed coffee is lovely. You will retain some of the coffee flavor (more subtly, I think) and gain the depth of flavor and extra lift from the beer.
When I looked at the specific two recipes closely, they looked similar not identical on fat, flour, sugar and the liquid (coffee/beer).
Hope it's a lovely success!
Nancy August 8, 2016
There are tons of chocolate stout cakes out there...it's a classic, great taste combo!
So go for it with the Kelsey Banfield recipe :)
Or try one of these (everybody in the pool...nigella, smitten kitchen, king arthur flour, chuck hughes etc):
Or this one from Clodagh McKenna with Guinness:
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