is there any pitcher you can pour boiling water in for making iced tea?

It would be nice to find a good, sturdy, large (2 - 3 liter) pitcher that can be used to make iced tea. Any ideas?

Lori of Westchester


Rebecca S. August 12, 2016
Hi there Lori! Great question, and to be quite honest with you I'm on the ever long search for the perfect pitcher (weird, I know). I have my eyes set on the Farmhouse Pottery Barrel Jug ( It's my dream pitcher. I'm certain with its oven, dishwasher and microwave safe qualities it could withstand the heat of boiling water for making Iced Tea and would look beautiful in the process. Similarly, you *could* use our Chemex pour over (if you wanted to brew loose leaf) Iced Tea. That's a nice alt. option. We used to sell a pitcher made by one of my favorite companies Borosil who makes these charming glasses ( They're made from the same material used to make test tubes and can withstand pretty much a n y t h i n g! Seriously. I have them in my home and know you can pour boiling water directly into them, too--even given their extreme delicate nature and sleek design. Hope that helps your decision :)
BerryBaby August 12, 2016
Oops...steep! Fingers aren't awake yet!
BerryBaby August 12, 2016
Oops...steep! Fingers aren't awake yet!
BerryBaby August 12, 2016
When I make iced tea I seep five tea bags in one cup of hot water. Let it sit until room temperature, then add it to a pitcher and fill it with cold water, stir, refrigerate. Perfect every time.
Nancy August 12, 2016
Similar to Trena suggestion...I would use a mammoth mason jar (which can take the heat). Then maybe decant to a server.
Trena H. August 12, 2016
Lori - I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I use my large glass pyrex measuring cups to make tea. After it cools I put in a decorative pitcher or store it in the refrigerator in a large canning jar.
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