I have a recipe that calls for crushing an entire box of graham crackers to make crumbs. What is the measuring cup equivalent?

Roseanne Tasso Celic


Roseanne T. August 12, 2016
Yes, I am QUITE sure the recipe calls for a box. The wording actually says "3 PACKAGES of graham crackers" which is 3 sleeves. Thanks for the input. I have never seen this either but there it is (it's a recipe for bar cookies). And I appreciate the information that a sleeve is approx 1 cup of crushed grahams.
Susan W. August 12, 2016
Honey Maid says each sleeve = 1.25 cups crushed which is also what I have in my notes on my cheesecake recipe. Bars made with Graham crackers sounds yummy.
BerryBaby August 12, 2016
What are you making? A sleeve is about a cup but depends if you are fine grinding or coarse grinding.
Susan W. August 12, 2016
I agree with chops. Are you sure it says the entire box?
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 12, 2016
Are you sure it's a box and not a sleeve of graham crackers?
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