When you mix ingredients that on their own won't go back for a long time, how quickly does the mixture go bad?

I have a chocolate peanut butter cup recipe that I use almost weekly, and I would like to make a large batch of the filling. It is butter, graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, and peanut butter. On their own, the ingredients won't go bad for months (years?), however, how long will they keep when blended together and put in the fridge? Freezer?



NYCNomNom February 19, 2011
I'm going to put a batch in the freezer and it will be a test to how peanut butter freezes. Thanks everyone!
RobertaJ February 19, 2011
I, too think it would be fine in the fridge for a week or two, so long as it were sealed really well (if in a plastic container with a lid, I'd lay a layer of plastic wrap over the mix, under the lid before sealing.

In the freezer, I think your storage time could be extended to a couple of months, but I think the texture of the peanut butter would suffer. I'm not sure peanut butter takes well to freezing.
hardlikearmour February 18, 2011
I would suspect your mixture would be fine a week or so in the fridge, as long as it doesn't pick up any off flavors. Probably would last several months in the freezer, don't know how much the texture would be affected.
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