substitute for mozzarella

i am going to make laagna, but there is no mozzarella, so can i substitute it with cheddar cheese and how? Thank you in advance :)

  • Posted by: Lim007
  • August 12, 2016


C S. August 13, 2016
What country are you in , and what do you have available? It might be helpful to know what your options are rather than making suggestions that won't work for you.
pierino August 13, 2016
Sorry, but cheddar has absolutely no place in lasagna. It's bloody sacrilege. Ricotta on the other hand would be entirely acceptable.
PHIL August 13, 2016
if you have no choice a mild cheddar would work, also, as Berry Baby mentioned , provolone. fontina would also work. any mild melty cheese. Yes, it may not be traditional lasagna but I am sure it will still taste good
BerryBaby August 13, 2016
I've used Provolone and it turns out great.
Lim007 August 12, 2016
oops ,just realize a typo, its lasagna
Smaug August 12, 2016
It would vastly change the character of the dish. You'd be better off with something mild- Fontina would work well, but if you're depending on what's on hand- maybe Swiss or Jack if you have that. I'd probably go to the store- certainly before using Cheddar.
Lim007 August 12, 2016
that's the problem, the mozzarella cheese was sold out, which is why i am thinking whether or not can i use cheddar , by the way my country doesn't sells those cheese you listed
Smaug August 13, 2016
Well, you can use whatever you want, it's your dinner. But at some point you need to concede that you can't make a dish if you can't get the ingredients. You could make mac and cheese.
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