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A question about a recipe: Braised Pork in Lazy Cherry Ancho Mole

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I have a question about the recipe "Braised Pork in Lazy Cherry Ancho Mole" from Savory Love. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but it was not obvious to me: are the chills dried? I'm assuming so since the first step is soaking them.

asked by Heidi 7 months ago
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Susan W

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added 7 months ago

Yes, it would be dried. Anchos are called Poblanos when they are fresh.

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added 7 months ago

You can find ancho chiles at most supermarkets, we’ve found. However, they’d be much cheaper if you go to a Mexican market if there’s one near you.

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added 7 months ago

Poblanos are the green form of this pepper. Ancho, the mature version, is nearly always sold dried but, if you grow your own, they are great fresh.