My dry brine recipe from Bon Appetit says to chill uncovered 6-7 hours. Is it okay to brine longer? It's Tuesday and id like to cook my turkey on Thur

I'm using the chile, fennel and maple recipe from Bon Appetit. I decided to apply the dry brine this evening and let the bird chill in my fridge. Recipe says 6-7 hours. Is it ok to cook on Thursday? Which is >24 hours'

Brooke Aders
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1 Comment

Merrill S. November 24, 2015
Our go-to dry brine recipe calls for a 3+ day brine: The Bon App recipe uses a higher ratio of salt to meat, but you rinse the turkey before you cook it so I think it should be ok. If you're worried about the turkey being too salty, you could rinse it tomorrow, dry it well and put it back in the fridge uncovered until you're ready to roast. Good luck!
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