Your thoughts on the garlic-ginger pastes sold in Indian groceries? I've seen references to them by Indian cooks who like their convenience.

I appreciate whatever insights / opinions those of you who have actually tried those products may provide - especially, what brand(s) you prefer.

Or should I make it myself, and if so, how - keeping in mind food safety issues, as I wish to keep the paste on hand as a timesaving helper for weeknights and other evenings when time is at a premium. I realize that raw garlic poses a risk of botulism.

Thanks, everyone.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Mrs B. August 22, 2016
Thank you, Panfusine and Susan W. I've decided just to blitz up my own in the food processor, to freeze in cubes.
Susan W. August 16, 2016
If you are an Amazon person, you can purchase garlic and ginger paste that are organic. They simply contain organic ginger, organic sugar and rice wine vinegar. The garlic is garlic, water and citric acid. I have an aversion to citric acid. I think it really changes the flavor, but most people are very accepting of it. Those may be a good option for you. I try to avoid sodium benzoate. It's pretty nasty stuff.
Panfusine August 16, 2016
I wouldn't TOUCH it, a lot of these convenience products have a lot of preservatives.
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