Mozzarella Stain on Wood

I got a bunch of those water packed bocconcini and the water leaked, dripping through my shopping bag and onto the wood floor. A week later, the stains will not come out! We mop the floor, they look gone, and then they dry white again. Any tips on how to remove them, for good?

  • Posted by: Kitspy
  • August 18, 2016


SMSF August 18, 2016
Kitspy: Just chiming in again - if your wood floors have a polyurethane finish, use of Murphy's Oil Soap (or any oil soap) is not recommended by most experts. What you're actually cleaning is the finish, not the wood itself. Murphy's Oil Soap is for cleaning wood. You can do some searching on this. I'm certainly no expert but have heard this for many years from a number of reliable sources, including the company that refinished my hardwood floors.
Kitspy August 18, 2016
Thank you, we will tread carefully! I'm not sure of the finish. We will have to investigate that. Moved in recently (and I already ruined it!) and it was a reno, so it should be pretty easy to find.
Smaug August 18, 2016
Murphy's isn't necessarily the choice here, but it will do no harm and will clean it up. You could also try a steam mop, but this kind of clouding is usually caused by moisture being absorbed into the finish, and won't wash off. If the finish is shellac, it can be declouded by CAREFULLY redissolving with alcohol, allowing the moisture to escape, but it's a job for an experienced finisher.
SMSF August 18, 2016
From your description, it sounds like the water has damaged the finish on the wood (thus the white color), though not the wood itself. Since different finishes have their own methods of care, you might be better off consulting with whoever finished your floors. Or if you don't know that information, try a flooring care source.
pierino August 18, 2016
I think SMSF is probably correct. But you might try using Murphy's Oil Soap which is specifically for use on wood floors. That may or may not restore the finish. Worth a try anyway.
Kitspy August 18, 2016
Thank you SMSF and pierino! I will try Murphy's first and go from there.
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