I have a bag of small white beans. I'm making soup that needs these beans tonight. It says I need to soak overnight. My soup recipe says I ca

Put in boiling water remove and let sit for an hour. Should I just omit the beans or do the boiling water method??

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • October 5, 2015


Tasha October 6, 2015
They worked out perfect.
Tasha October 5, 2015
Thanks so much for everyone's help
Tasha October 5, 2015
I just turned the heat off and left them on the burner.
ChefJune October 5, 2015
You will still need to cook the beans. Either in the soup or otherwise. Expect them to take about an hour to become "beanlike."
Smaug October 5, 2015
They should be left in the hot water for an hour- did you mean remove from heat? They tend to break apart quite a bit with this type of presoak- probably OK for soup, but I sometimes do a hybrid where I remove them from the hot water after about twenty minutes and soak in cold for about 3 hrs.- works well for cooking in the afternoon.
Tasha October 5, 2015
So I boiled them and let them sit covered for over an hour. At that point they'll be cooked right? Haha obviously this is my first time cooking beans from a bag and not a can!
Susan W. October 5, 2015
I would follow the recipe. If they are talking about a quick soak, they are planning on you using dried beans. If the recipe says to cook the beans as part of the soup, then do that. If it tells you to cook them separately and then add them, do that. We are at a disadvantage because we can't see the recipe.
Tasha October 5, 2015
So once this is done can I add it to my soup or do I have to cook them in water?
inpatskitchen October 5, 2015
You need to cook the beans either separately in fresh water or if making a long cooking soup, you can add them right in. Normally, beans after soaking, take around 45 minutes to cook. I usually cook the beans separately and then add them to the soup towards the end.
Nancy October 5, 2015
The boiling water 1-hr trick is called a quick soak. Perfectly fine to do. Drain after the soak and then cook the beans in fresh water. Enjoy your soup ;)
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