What is a good substitute for dry white wine?

  • Posted by: CaseyJ
  • January 8, 2012


amysarah January 9, 2012
Dry white vermouth - for all the reasons mentioned above, and also because it's economical - a bottle of Martini & Rossi or Noilly Pratt typically costs under $10, and goes a long way.
Shalini January 9, 2012
I echo the dry white vermouth suggestion, especially because if you don't also
drink white wine, it takes up fridge space!
bigpan January 9, 2012
Martini and Rossi white vermouth. I've used it for years without fail.
ChefJune January 8, 2012
Julia Child always advocated dry white vermouth (French, please!) even instead of white wine, as it's an easier substance to keep on hand.
janixes January 9, 2012
White grape juice, white wine vinegar, or consommé, depending on your taste and the recipe
maw January 8, 2012

Dry vermouth may used in sauces. I've used it several times and the sauces were perfect
davidpdx January 8, 2012
Depends what you are making. For deglazing a pan, making a sauce, doing a risotto, and similar savory activities, you could substitute chicken or vegetable stock or, for that matter, just plain water.
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