Labor day Recipes

What's everyone making for Labor Day? Any different recipes? Please share.

  • Posted by: Nan
  • August 24, 2016


pierino August 24, 2016
Chicago hot dogs dragged through the garden.
PHIL August 24, 2016
no caninechef, it's all me.
PHIL August 24, 2016
Our whole family (15 of us) will be in Lake George so I just make a menu which I send out to everyone:
FRIDAY (Late Night)
cold beer

Lox & marscapone on flatbread
assorted baked goods

Lunch (Lakeside)
Grilled teriyaki chicken with pineapple coconut brown rice and salad
Assorted cold cuts

Prosciutto ,caramelized onion smoked mutz and fig pizza
pizza with grated zucchini

Mussels Meuniere with garlic toast points
Skirt steak with sauteed spinach.
Cocktail: French 75

Turkey burgers
Cocktail: Espresso shakerato

Cacio e Pepe pasta with broccoli de rabe
Wine: Pinto Grigio
caninechef August 24, 2016
Do you bring the personal chef along?
702551 August 24, 2016
What I eat on Labor Day will be dictated by what looks great at the preceding farmers market.

That said, it is tomato season, so there will be salsa. And when there's salsa in my house, there are usually tacos. I had lovely tilapia this past weekend from the farmers market fishmonger, so that's a good option.

Ratatouille is a distinct possibility since it's the right season for making that (I buy all of my produce at my town's farmers market).

As for meat, I usually buy what's on sale at my favorite grocery store. I probably have some meat in the freezer, but I haven't bothered to look yet what it is since Labor Day is still well over a week away.

I did make an excellent German-style potato salad a week ago, might make it again.

One thing for certain, I will fire up the grill. A grill fired with hardwood lump charcoal is so much better than a gas-powered grill (I have both), so I will likely use the former for Labor Day.

I don't cook with recipes so I have none to share, perhaps someone else will or you could search for things like "fish tacos" or "ratatouille."

Good luck!
BerryBaby August 24, 2016
Haven't given it much thought. Seems the summer has flown by. If the weather is cooler, probably grill outside. One traditional recipe, that I will no doubt make, Bobby Flay's Mustard Potato Salad. Bean salad made with black beans, white beans, corn and green pepper and a bit of onion in a vinegar based dressing is another must have. Meat? Haven't decided. Whatever you make, hope you have a wonderful Labor Day, Nan! BB
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