Soda Bread recipes anyone?

I made soda bread for the first time last year and it suprised me by being good. But I didn't make note of my recipe or source. So is there much variation between recipes and who has a good one? Also please let me know how far ahead I can bake this or if it has to be the day before or same day. How many to make for 30 people?



Cassandra2011 March 21, 2011
I've made Nigella Lawson's 'irish oaten loaves' (basically, mini soda breads) many many times recently. They're extremely easy & very very good, can accompany almost anything. Here's a link from a blog that features the recipe:
susan G. March 16, 2011
My first exposure to Irish Soda Bread used dill seed -- any feedback?
elissahart March 15, 2011
I love this Melissa Clark recipe that appeared in the Times a few years back: It's definitely on the sweeter end of the spectrum, but it is delicious and it keeps pretty well, so you could probably make it the day before.
nutcakes March 15, 2011
Thanks! I'll try one or the other, maybe both for variety. Totally forgot to check the archives.
fiveandspice March 15, 2011
And by fennel, I mean caraway. Had a temporary brain fart about the appropriate seed for soda bread (though fennel is actually tasty in it too!).
fiveandspice March 15, 2011
This is my favorite soda bread:
It doesn't have fennel in it, but if you like fennel you could simply add a Tbs. of seeds. This bread will keep about 2 days. But, if you're not eating it the day of, I'd recommend toasting it.
And I second Merrill about the 3 loaves for 30 people, and would even consider making 4.
Merrill S. March 15, 2011
Sorry, missed the second part of your question. This bread should be eaten within 24 hours, and for 30 people I'd make 3 loaves.
Merrill S. March 15, 2011
Here's my mother's recipe for Irish Brown Soda Bread. (It's savory rather than sweet.)
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