For those of you serving a big holiday dinner in the next week, what are you planning for dessert? I need ideas! (Please read on.) ;o)

It can't be too labor intensive as I'm working long hours in the office all week, possibly even on Saturday, negotiating/drafting documents for an onslaught of year-end deals. And nothing with pears or apples, please, as I've been requested to make my Pear-filled Cowboy Coffee Cake for breakfast that day, and to serve the Not-too-Virtuous Salad with Caramelized Apple Dressing with dinner. I'm serving standing rib roast with standard sides (potatoes, spinach gratin, etc.) Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



luvcookbooks December 23, 2011
Here it is, Claudia Fleming's Gingerbread Trifle with Candied Kumquats and Wine Poached Cranberries, and to think I have cranberries AND kumquats in my refrigerator! Thank you for asking this food pickle, AJ! Your ambition is inspiring!
luvcookbooks December 23, 2011
I usually make a bread pudding, but now that I have read this thread it will be Five and Spice's Gingerbread with Burnt Caramel Sauce! I love gingerbread but it didn't seem fancy enough- but with the sauce, it's a Christmas dessert! I've always wanted to try Claudia Fleming's (I think) trifle recipe with kumquats-- have kumquats, have to look for the recipe.
Stephanie G. December 22, 2011
For Christmas Eve we are having Deborah Madison's Sticky Date Pudding. It is heaven. For Christmas Day I am making vanilla pound cake with Debrorah Madison's Figs in Pedro Jimeniz, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, Gorgonzola Dolce.
Esther P. December 22, 2011
Sorry, really traditional, not retry traditional! Is there a way to edit answers?
Esther P. December 22, 2011
I suspect that your idea of a pudding recipe is not the same as mine! I would recommend the Nigella recipe, which is a retry traditional one, the carrot might seem an odd ingredient, but it adds moisture. It's a lot of ngredients, but not actually very much work- add ingredients, souse, stir in some mre ingredients then steam. Here's the link the traditional day to make your pudding is the Sunday before advent (it really is make ahead!) and left to mature- some people make 2 puddings one year, and keep the second pud for the next year! If you wanted to try it, it would still taste good without the 5 weeks maturing. I think if you wanted something traditionally British, but perhaps a bit lighter, then I would echo Megan's suggestion of trifle, still make ahead, still English, but a bit closer to what Americans term "pudding"!!
Miafoodie December 21, 2011
AJ I must admit I feel a little intimidated to be giving you advice. . . . .Keep in mind that I live in FL and my
dinner menu is similar to yours so after a heavy meal I like to serve Merrill's Grilled Apricots with Whipped
Ricotta, Basil and Sherry Vinegar Syrup. I am subsituting figs and will saute the fruits and serve with
Christmas Cookies. I too hope Esther gives us her pudding recipe.
mainecook61 December 21, 2011
Profiteroles (made in advance and frozen) with peppermint ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. Always.
Sometimes I buy the ice cream, but this year I made it.
meganvt01 December 21, 2011
How about an english trifle? After a big rib roast - something light but delicious would be good.
ellenl December 21, 2011
I'd like to see the Xmas oudding recipe as well!
ellenl December 21, 2011
David Lebovitz' s chocolate idiot cake?
ellenl December 21, 2011
David Lebovitz' s chocolate idiot cake?
ellenl December 21, 2011
David Lebovitz' s chocolate idiot cake?
ellenl December 21, 2011
David Lebovitz' s chocolate idiot cake?
ellenl December 21, 2011
David Lebovitz' s chocolate idiot cake?
Jessica,Evans December 21, 2011
We made a pumpkin mouse the day before for thanksgiving and served it in individual dishes with ginger snaps! Sooo good and light after a hardy meal.
AntoniaJames December 21, 2011
Esther, what recipe do you use for your pudding? I'm doing a standing rib roast, so a nice traditional English pudding sounds like a great idea. I don't see a recipe for one on FOOD52. I have a good pudding mold with a snap down-lid and center hole, but no favorite recipe. Thanks so much. ;o)
Greenstuff December 21, 2011
Do you have persimmons? A neighbor makes a really nice persimmon pudding in a pudding mold. It's nice because it's kind of old-worldy but also Californian. We're looking forward to the one he's making for us.
Esther P. December 21, 2011
Being a Brit, we'll be having Christmas pudding! It seems crazy to have something so sturdy after after turkey and the trimmings, but if there's not a pudding to set light to and serve with custard, cream and brandy butter, then it's just not Christmas day... It's make ahead and apart from warming the alcohol to set fire to it, there's no prep on the day except for either steaming or microwaving it!
The S. December 21, 2011
I make A LOT of cookies and candies during the holiday season so I will be serving the cookies with a choice of (not sure how many) mousse--dark chocolate, white peppermint, maybe plain white... for dipping. The mousse is make ahead. In the past I have also done chocolate angel food cake and a vanilla chiffon cake serving simultaneously. Another good choice is the hazelnut caramel tart I served at Thanksgiving one year, also make ahead. I can get you recipes for any of these.
ChefJune December 21, 2011
Well, one of my guests is a spectacular pastry chef, so she's making our dessert, BUT.... if I were in your shoes, I would make a Sweet Potato Pie. You can do it a day or two ahead of time, and even freeze it And if you're even busier than that, you can always use a purchased piecrust.

Here's my recipe:
bigpan December 21, 2011
Creme brûlée can be made ahead and is a spectacular tasty end to a meal.
pinaycusinera December 21, 2011
If you want to try a new spin on custard, here's my recipe on a Filipino style flan (leche flan).
It's very simple and straightforward. If your guests have a sweet tooth, they'll love this - I promise! It's a hit at every party I bring it to.
aargersi December 21, 2011
AJ we are feeding 25 again - buffet style! I am going to bake cookies, lots of cookies, in advance (could you do that at night?) I am also going to make flan (probably plain this time, we had pumpkin for TDay) and I am thinking about FiveAndSpices outstanding gingerbread with burnt caramel sauce which is AMAZING
drbabs December 21, 2011
If you're looking for Food52 recipes, I'd be torn between Lazy Mary's lemon tart and lorigoldsby's almond tart. I usually make chocolate pots de creme because it's my husband's favorite.
lorigoldsby December 21, 2011
Thank you for thinking of me Dr.Babs! I'd be honored to know my tart was at a feast as nice as AJ's! For my family, I made the "mistake" of having a chocolate fondue one year, and now it's "tradition"! But it is easy! Fresh pineapple and strawberries, marshmallows ( homemade if time, store bought if not.) use thin pretzel sticks for the skewers.
sdebrango December 21, 2011
My family requests the same thing every year and I must comply. I make a Pandoro bread pudding with a caramel hard sauce. I use Pandoro which is similar to a Pannetone but without the candied fruit, if I don't have Pandoro I use brioche.
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