What food-related name should I give my kitten?

My last cat was named Mochi, but sadly, Mo stayed with my roommate when I moved out. Now I'm getting ready for a new kitten (!!!!) but I need help with the name. Preferably food-related, but not a requirement (I'd like to name the cat "Bippity Boop," but it's been vetoed by several parties). Other ideas: Lamb Chop/Lamby, Tuna, Duck, Sir Peanut, Mr. Pickles, Lentil/Lenny. It's a boy cat.

Please help!

Sarah Jampel


Sarah J. August 30, 2016
We chose PLUM!
jamcook July 18, 2016
Pip,or Pipsqueak
Rhonda35 July 18, 2016
Alright Sarah, enough is enough! Name the cat already! We all await the big announcement. :-)
Imogen July 18, 2016
We have a cat named Beansy, and I used to have one named Callalloo.
Imogen July 18, 2016
Macaroni, Pastille, Gouda, Spaghetti, Pepper, Turkey Sandwich.
BerryBaby July 16, 2016
I'm starting to have dreams about this! I was jolted awake at 1:15am with the name I haven't seen yet, and quite honestly, I call my dog this endearing name in addition to her given name. PEANUT! As in my "Cute little Peanut!" Ok, that's my last suggestion, unless I dream about it again tonight LOL!
sareesmile July 15, 2016
Sushi, Gyro, Burrito (Ritto for short), Beignet (Beni for short), Chili, Corn Flake, Cheerio
Smaug July 15, 2016
Sweet Pea if a boy, Olive Oil if a girl, Seitan if evil, "Hey You" if it doesn't have a reservation, Toad in a Hole if you want it to grow up neurotic- the possibilities defy imagination or reason.
Smaug July 15, 2016
Sweet Pea if a boy, Olive Oil if a girl, Seitan if evil, "Hey You" if it doesn't have a reservation, Toad in a Hole if you want it to grow up neurotic- the possibilities defy imagination or reason.
aargersi July 15, 2016
Meow Siam (Mee Siam is Siamese noodles)
Coconut Curry (just cuz I love that)
BerryBaby July 14, 2016
Just read an interesting article on pet names. First, the name should be one or two syllables in length, it should not be a name/word they hear everyday and the best advice? It should be a name that makes YOU smile when you say it. I'd say you have a lot of choices, Sarah! Maybe these tips will help you narrow down your selection.
creamtea July 15, 2016
~130 names and counting on this thread (and more on the other thread). I'd say Sarah has her work cut out for her!
Stephanie July 13, 2016
Vitameatavegamin (Vita or Min, for short)
Shichimi or Togarashi
702551 July 12, 2016
I would lean toward an Italian or French name, perhaps after a historical figure in cooking like Pellegrino, Rossini, or maybe after a cheese, like Picadou or Rasco (the latter sounds a lot like "rascal").

For a non-food name, I'd pick Marzocco, the heraldic lion of the Florentine Republic as it emerged in the late 1300s from the darkness and turmoil that permeated that century.
pierino July 12, 2016
Tossing was a composer but he did have a steak named after him, most likely by Careme.
702551 July 12, 2016
Naming a kitten "Tossing"?

Most innovative! Not how keen on this name suggestion Jampel will be though.
creamtea July 12, 2016
Poppyseed; Blueberry; Muffin;
BerryBaby July 15, 2016
I knew a darling kitten named Muffin and a small dog named Cupcake. Both names fit them perfectly.
creamtea July 15, 2016
Awwww very cute, especially if Muffin and Cupcake live together.
creamtea July 15, 2016
Awwww very cute, especially if Muffin and Cupcake live together.
creamtea July 15, 2016
Awwww very cute, especially if Muffin and Cupcake live together.
Catherine July 12, 2016
BerryBaby July 12, 2016
After seeing the beautiful photo I'm still thinking Gumbo would be a good name. :)
jamcook July 12, 2016
Latke !
Sean R. July 12, 2016
While irrelevant, I will share that my favorite cat name comes from a pair of fashion bloggers who've named a kitty "Miss Miu Miu". 5 brownie points if you get the jokes.

Mine are named Oatmeal and Eggs Benedict (Oats and Eggy). Their whole litter was breakfast items, and the next litter was Vodka brands.
Pegeen July 12, 2016
We always named our cats after breakfast cereals. The last was "Bix," for the Queen's favorite, Weetabix.
Pegeen July 12, 2016
Also in honor of Bix Beiderbecke (jazz musician)
My F. July 12, 2016
From the noodle type suggestions above I thought more specifically Carbonara (cat-like reflexes can be needed to get the texture of the egg perfect) or Cacio e Pepe (cat-cio e pepe).

OR for something simpler: Sesame, a magic-y implication that's fun for a cat plus the seeds comes mostly in white but also sometimes black.
creamtea July 12, 2016
Along those lines, Soomsoom, the Hebrew word for sesame.
Maedl July 12, 2016
Berger--after the Baltimore cookie
Michele July 12, 2016
"white body and a black face".....Sushi? Oreo?
jilhil July 12, 2016
Cocoa puff?
jilhil July 12, 2016
Cocoa puff?
scruz July 11, 2016
kobe, burdock or shoyu. short and sweet and won't be confused at vet or boarding like my dear, late cat max (massimo) was.
HalfPint July 11, 2016
AntoniaJames July 11, 2016
Approaching this at a somewhat oblique angle . . . .

I had a male dog (rescue, darling, smart) when I was a teenager who I named "ChouChou" - pronounced like "shoe shoe" -- which is a French diminutive meaning someone who is quite dear to you. That term is in turn derived from the French "choux", meaning cabbage head, which is also a term of endearment (typically, "mon petit choux").

It was a wonderful pet name - a fun conversation starter, too - which I'd use again, if I had the chance.

And then I had a male cat who I named "Mr. Doolittle" because it described him perfectly. ;o)
creamtea July 11, 2016
Sumatra. Darjeeling. Ok I'm getting carried away. finished!
creamtea July 11, 2016
Brownie, Mug Cakes
creamtea July 11, 2016
Brandy, Ganache, Nutella
creamtea July 11, 2016
Waffles, Butterball, Mr. Chips, Dr. Pepper.
SKK July 11, 2016
Macadamia, Pepper, Cashew (Cash for short), Brim (fish), Poblano, Basil....
Rachel July 11, 2016
When will we find out the name, Sarah?
louisez July 11, 2016
Escoffier, Pumpernickel, Count of Monte Christo (double reference: literary character and sandwich)
pierino July 11, 2016
And the there's rochetta...
Rhonda35 July 11, 2016
James (as in Beard)
Rhonda35 July 11, 2016
Of course, thinking of your spirit food: Eggplant. I prefer James, though. :-)
Rachel July 11, 2016
Aubergine would be pretty
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
So cute!!
BurgeoningBaker July 11, 2016
Oh and S'More
BurgeoningBaker July 11, 2016
Anton Ego (Ratatouille), Deli (short for Deli Cat-essen), Whiskey, AffoGATO, Whisker Biscuit (not food related), Whoopie Pie/GOB, Eggcream, Hydrox (the oreo precursor).
Amanda G. July 11, 2016
Matcha, Confit, Lentil (I like that one!), Germain, Sweet Pickle, Moon Pie
SMSF July 11, 2016
Chairman Meow

creamtea July 12, 2016
Chairman Meow, hahaha!
Shannon July 11, 2016
Kugel, Pho, Basil and Dim Sum
Stephanie G. July 11, 2016
We named our kitten "Miette" after the San Francisco bakery.
Rachel July 11, 2016
That was my husband's cat when I met him! His Miete was quite a biter from what I recall of her though. It's still an adorable name though.
PHIL July 11, 2016
Grazie Rachel
Rachel July 11, 2016
How about Perrier, Wonton, Jianbing (Bing for short), Captain Crunch, Choux, Pamplemousse, Courgette, or Huitlacoche?

The Godparent contest is gettin real folks. ;)
PHIL July 11, 2016
Okay I will give it a shot then... Since he is a ragdoll which go limp when you pick them up, how about Noodles? Or maybe you should name it after that leafy green that you drove every nuts over? I am really looking for Godfather status.
Rachel July 11, 2016
We're all shooting for godfather/godmother status Phil.
Rachel July 11, 2016
He's got vanilla fur with a chocolate face... how about Klondike?

Fluffernutter (like the Fluffernutter sandwich... marshmallow fluff and peanut butter) also comes to mind as a top contender ;)

Let us know what you decide!
Sean R. July 12, 2016
Ha! I know a cat named Fluffernutter and I cannot keep it together when I see her. Love that name. :P
PHIL July 11, 2016
Is this a Food52 sponsored contest and is there a prize for the winning name?
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
You can be my cat's honorary godfather/godmother.
Nomnomnom July 11, 2016
Also—Tom Collins!
Nomnomnom July 11, 2016
Kimchi (maybe better for a girl), Vadouvan, Ras el Hanout ;)
ktr July 11, 2016
foofaraw July 11, 2016
Curry, kimchee

White body (black-face) related: tofu, mushroom, donut, Oreo(!), hotcakes, garlick, Hershey (cookies and creme version), pasta, Anglaise...
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 11, 2016
truffle, nugget...
caninechef July 11, 2016
Scampi -- for a little guy, Pesto -- excessively affectionate, Gazpacho -- red/orange colored
BerryBaby July 11, 2016
Chai, Nutmeg, Gumbo or Kiwi
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
pierino July 11, 2016
Jambon, Speck, Prosciutto... I guess I've got cured ham on mind. Or in a different vein Bibimbop.
Mackenzie M. July 11, 2016
or maybe Sloppy Joe
Mackenzie M. July 11, 2016
caninechef July 11, 2016
What color is he?
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
He is a ragdoll with a white body and a black face. Blue eyes!
J F. July 11, 2016
Taco, Cheddar, Mr. Biscuit, Mac (short for macaroni) Fritter, Alfredo...General Meows...
OK, I know that last one was a stretch.
SMSF July 11, 2016
LOVE "Mr. Biscuit"
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