Suggestions for making a bread recipe in a loaf pan rather than the recommended Dutch Oven?

Not sure if there are any major changes I should make. Made the recipe several times but don't have access to a Dutch Oven at the moment. Recipe:

  • Posted by: rachel
  • August 24, 2016


CanadaDan August 25, 2016
I use Ken Forkish's recipes for bread, which call for a dutch oven, but because i like homemade brown bread sandwich loaves i adapt them to a bread loaf pan. i used this website ( as a guide and it works perfectly. Use the finger-dent proof test (google it) to test for when it should go in the oven. I cook mine at 400 for 20 minutes, rotate then back in for another 18. Doing this gets me amazing bread every time
QueenSashy August 25, 2016
The benefit of using Dutch oven in baking bread is that it sort of emulates steam injection. Commercial bread ovens have a steam injection system, which keeps the surface of the dough moist during the first 15-30 min of baking to help develop that professional looking crust. The tightly fitting lid in Dutch oven kind of does that. So if you are using a loaf pan, try covering it with several layers of aluminum foil tightly, while making sure there is enough room for bread to rise. Also, there are many articles on the internet that discuss different ways to inject steam during the baking process (e.g.
rachel August 25, 2016
Thanks for your help!
Nancy August 25, 2016
Good suggestions.
Alternatively, have you ever baked bread with a dish of water in the oven? It won't give you the same effect as steam injection or imitation steam injection, but it does help with moisture and the crust.
When I use this trick, I put a wide shallow bowl in the oven first, so it's there and steady on the rack, before adding the loaf pan(s).
Think I learned it from Julia Child or some other recipe for making French bread at home.
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