Freezing Cake

I made a coconut tres leche cake about 1.5 weeks ago (for myself), but I still have a lot left over and will be going on holiday tomorrow for the next 10-11 days. I would hate to throw it out and let it go to waste..

Can I freeze the cake to eat for after I come back? Its already moist from the 3 milks soak and still tastes good. I'm just curious how it would taste after freezing?



Lost_in_NYC August 31, 2016
Thank you everyone for the feedback! Ended up freezing the cake in one tupperware container.

Its actually this coconut tres leches cake from Chowhound that's insanely good!
Susan W. August 31, 2016
That one looks good too! Here's Aargersi's.
Susan W. August 30, 2016
Is it Aargersi's cake? You might send her a message and ask her. Even if it isn't her cake, she may know how well it freezes. I've made hers many times, but I swear people have a sixth sense and stop by whenever I make it. I don't think it's ever been around longer than 2 days.
PHIL August 30, 2016
nothing to lose, go for it. Freeze in portions as Nancy suggests.
Nancy August 30, 2016
Have frozen many cakes (not that one) and they're usually ok but slightly dry, so I serve them with something moist (fruit, cream, etc.). Can't hurt to freeze. At the worst, you'll have experimental results. At best, cake to eat.
With all the milk & liquids, coconut tres leches sounds like it will come out better. expects best results for frosted cakes at 2-4 mo frozen, unfrosted 4-6 mo.
Last comment - if you have containers & freezer space, freeze small portions so you don't need to defrost all the frozen cake at once
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