How can I fix a super liquidy Tres Leches Cake

I made a tres leches cake using a boxed cake mix and a homemade milk mixture. I let it sit overnight and this afternoon it is super liquify and not stable at all. How can I fix it?

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1 Comment

Nancy August 9, 2020
Assume you held it in fridge and that still doesn't help.
I see one possible safety issue and one possible presentation solution.
Did you bake it long enough to ensure there are no raw eggs in the mixture?
If yes, it's safe to use. If not, you may want to get some food safety advice (here or elsewhere) on what to do next.
If eggs are cooked through, taste the cake (from an out of the way place).
If it tastes good, rename it as a tres leches pudding and serve in a bowl, with whipped cream and whatever garnishes you like.
(This follows Julia Child's example and advice about dishes that didn't turn out, I think in her case the immediate example was a souffle.)
If you like the taste but not the texture, only thing I can think of is to freeze it and serve it as a cold dessert, again as a sort of cold pudding.
Good luck. Hope these ideas help.
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