Ok, I get these contest entries, enter them, am signed up to receive emails from a bunch of companies, but fine print says only states eligible. What?

You accept my entry (including postal code) sign me up for marketing emails and then only in small print do I realize that I am not even eligible because I live in Canada. This is devious and dishonest. I've enjoyed food 52 to date but am re-thinking . . .

Vickie McGauley


Customer-Care September 1, 2016
Hi Vickie. I'm sorry for all of the trouble here! The website that hosts this contest, Product Hunt, has certain terms and conditions when entering, which includes signing up for emails with some of their partners. I've sent detailed instructions on how to unsubscribe from these emails to your personal email account.
inpatskitchen September 1, 2016
I'm pretty sure you can enter the contests but currently can't receive anything from the SHOP if you win since the Shop doesn't ship outside of the US yet. After the second Food52 cookbook was out there were no prizes for winning...just Glory!
BerryBaby September 1, 2016
From what I understand, it's all about the laws. Has nothing to do with the site making the decision, rules and regulations put restrictions on many.
Cary September 1, 2016
But they should make it obvious upfront before someone who can't even enter is subjected to a bunch of irrelevant marketing emails by entering. Not cool.
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