Recycling chocolate cake

I made a gluten-free chocolate cake that is nice and fudgy, but I accidentally used strong-tasting sunflower oil. Any ideas on what I can do with the cake so it doesn't go to waste?



MaddyBelle September 6, 2016
Make a trifle with chocolate pudding and whipped cream layers. You could add another bold flavor like orange or coffee in if you still think there's not enough to distract.
Nancy September 4, 2016
Good luck - here are a few suggestions:
*Top with a lemon glaze.
*Make into cake crumbs and use as toppings and in ice cream parfait.
*As a dessert, slice, toast and top with a strong-flavored spread to counteract the oil taste.
*Use instead of biscuit or sponge cake as base for strawberry shortcake.
navahfrost September 4, 2016
Using a bold flavored frosting, you can make cake truffles with it. Peanut butter, raspberry, or coffee frosting would help mask the sunflower oil taste. Crumble the cake into a bowl, mix with frosting until you get a texture that holds together, roll into small truffle sized balls. Then if you want to get real fancy roll in melted chocolate or powdered sugar glaze and roll again in crushed cookie crumbs or nuts. Yum!
BerryBaby September 4, 2016
I do that as well....cake balls! They are fun to make.
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