i have fresh yakisoba in the refrigerator for a few days. is it still good to use? also i need a recipe what to do with it.

i have used the same noodles before. it did not turn out well. it was very sticky and a little dry. is it necessary to rinse it before cooking?

  • Posted by: lena
  • September 6, 2016


dinner A. September 8, 2016
Noodles for the dish yakisoba are similar to fresh ramen noodles; they don't need to be rinsed before cooking, but they do need to be boiled before stir-frying. Some yakisoba that comes with a sauce packet may be pre-boiled. "Yaki" does mean fried, but in this case it refers to the dish in which noodles stir fried with other things and sauce, not the noodles themselves. Yakisoba is more of a soft-fried noodle noodle dish like pad thai or lo mein, not crunchy.
In my experience, fresh noodles are fine for a few days in the fridge, but do give them a little sniff.
702551 September 6, 2016
Do not rinse the noodles. Yakisoba are fried noodles, they are supposed to be a bit dry (just like fried rice). "Yaki" in Japanese literally means "fried."

As for a recipe, you can use this site's search engine or a more general Internet search engine for recipes, but most Japanese home cooks wouldn't use a recipe. It's a bit like fried rice in that it is often a vehicle for leftovers. Common additions would be leftover meat (particularly pork), cabbage, carrots, and onions, but the general notion of yakisoba (like fried rice or "cha-han") is to combine a bunch of scraps for a filling meal which by themselves would be rather insufficient. This is the same basic concept for many peasant recipes all over the world.

Today, yakisoba usually is conventionally flavored with some sort of sauce, similar to oyster sauce.

If you buy yakisoba at a Japanese market, often this will be in the form of a packet of dehydrated powder. You can reconstitute with a little bit of liquid, but many just use the powder as is since the ultimate goal is to cook away the liquid and get dry/slightly crunchy noodles.

If you don't like crunchy noodles, don't make yakisoba. That's what it is. Make something else instead.

Good luck.
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