any ideas about sites or software to help create an extended family/small community online cookbook? One that balances ease of use and start up costs? Also a similar online cookbook idea to track my cooking just for myself and possibly immediate family members.

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latoscana January 31, 2011
I think the Wiki option makes sense since it is a publishing tool and allows for community editing (or not, depending on how you manage the settings). In addition to PBWiki you can check out MediaWiki ( and if either meets your needs. Google Docs are great but might not be as effortless to organize and use. I sense from the word "community" that you might have a range of tech savviness, so you'll want tools that are intuitive and inviting.

You might also check the document and project management tools like Huddle, which has a free version for small projects ( The cheapest version of Basecamp ( is $50/month. I've participated in many online projects and find Basecamp to be a lifesaver in managing large numbers of documents, authors, reviewers, and deadlines.

Good luck with such a cool project!
susan G. January 31, 2011
Google blogs (Blogspot) have an option for private access.
Blissful B. January 31, 2011
This woman recommends Google Docs:
Patrickodowd January 31, 2011
Here is a Wiki service that might work for the solution I described:
Patrickodowd January 31, 2011
My way you might be able to do this is through a hosted wiki, a la Wikipedia. You could have a private wiki and grant access to just your family members or friends. Each page a recipe and you could inter link them. Just one idea.
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