What are some great meals to cook as a group?

6 other foodie friends and I are spending a week in the woods in October, trying to think of good collaborative dinners we can all make together - was thinking along the lines of fish tacos, but would love some other fun suggestions. We'll have access to a full kitchen and grill. Thanks!!!



Rachel September 16, 2016
You could do chili. If you make a pot of chili ahead of time (chili is good when it mellows in the fridge for a day) and bring toppings/fixings (cheese, sour cream, cilantro, corn chips, etc), it'd make for a great meal.

To riff of of Keg72 suggestion... you could also do tacos in a bag (also known as walking tacos) with mini bags of frito then all the taco meat and toppings go inside the bags. Pretty easy to clean up too.

If you have a grill you could always throw some apples on the grill. Core them and fill the cavity with brown sugar, butter, raisins, vanilla (other things that sound good to you) and wrap in foil and grill until the apples are roasted through .

Have fun camping!
keg72 September 16, 2016
Tacos is a great idea, but I wouldn't limit yourself to fish. Someone could grill steak, someone could make carnitas or a pulled chicken dish.... Plus then you could also make all the great toppings. Another fun idea is a pizza night. You could buy (or make) the dough and let everyone (or each couple) be in charge of topping his/her pizza. You could cook in the oven or on the grill. A friend of mine turns it into a contest -- each pizza gets cut up and shared. It's also nice to build a meal around pizza. Great salad, antipasto, etc.
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