advice needed on CSA Milk shares: should I skim the cream from the top, or shake it to mix it in?



gluttonforlife February 1, 2011
It's harder than you might think to skim off the cream. If you have raw milk, you may also want to consider leaving it out on the counter until it separates; then you have fresh whey and curds that you can drain further to make soft cheese!
Hilarybee February 1, 2011
I do both. I skim the cream off and put it in my Earl Grey tea when I'm in the mood. It's fabulous. Most of the time I just shake it up.
petitbleu January 31, 2011
you may want to skim a little off sometime and put it in your coffee--it's like nothing you've ever tasted.
jwolfsthal January 31, 2011
shake shake shake
shake shake shake
shake your milk
susan G. January 31, 2011
Depends on what you want/need: skim milk + cream, or whole milk?
Yiniverse January 31, 2011
Just turn the bottle upside down a couple times, and enjoy!
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