I want to make ratatouille in my InstaPot

Any suggestions for recipes? Should I saute the veggies first? About how long do you think I should cook?



Susan W. September 18, 2016
I'd consider using the slow cooker aspect of the instaPot, but not the pressure cooker. I am not a pressure cooker person, but beyond that, I'd be worried about the vegetables turning into mush. Slow cooking will allow you to ignore the vegetables for a while.
Windischgirl September 18, 2016
Dear sweet Pierino, let me explain my motivations.
1) I was given the Instapot as a gift, so feel compelled to use it when I can.
2) I have a limited amount of energy today--my authenticity is focused on baking 5 loaves of sourdough, a coffe cake for a bereaved friend, and granola--so I am not going to cook each veg separately anyway. The next time I will have a chance to cook like this is next Sunday, by which time the produce will be compost (work keeps on getting in the way of life).
3) I really don't want to wash all those pots and pans--the Provençal are probably rioting at the thought, but I've never cooked the veg separately. Six batches of dishes already and it's only 3 pm.

Maybe I will roast the veg? The oven will be hot anyway.
Windischgirl September 18, 2016
And just skip the Instapot.
Greenstuff September 18, 2016
Good idea. Roast the vegetables, skip the pressure cooker. Not ratatouille, but simpler and good.
pierino September 18, 2016
For traditional ratatouille the vegetables are cooked separately. I'm trying to be open minded here but I can't quite see the benefit of then dumping them in a pressure cooker.
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