Second Use of Marinade

If I've marinated the chicken for a chicken and veggie stir-fry, after I've cooked the chicken, can I safely use the leftover marinade to cook with the veggies in order to make a sauce for them.



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Benny August 19, 2012
I make it a common practice to make a litte extra and reserve a portion of the marinade before pouring it on meat. That way I have a safe portion of marinade for basting or using on other things.
ATL August 19, 2012
Sorry! I meant CHeeb.
ATL August 19, 2012
I completely agree with Chef Ono. I think reusing marinade that has been in contact with meet, chicken, or seafood is really risky even when cooked again. Better to do a fresh marinade--and you get a new flavor, too.
CHeeb August 19, 2012
Only if it comes back to a boil and cooks thoroughly ,HomeKuchen. There are chicken juices/bacteria which can be dangerous if not cooked throughout. I rarely reuse chicken or fish marinades unless I can be sure they are cooked to the degree you want the chicken and fish themselves.
HomeKuchen August 19, 2012
Thanks! That's just what I'm doing...hard boil for 2 minutes, then add back the chicken and stir fried veggies.
aussiefoodie August 19, 2012
I think as long as you cook up the marinade it is OK, but don't use it over items you plan to serve raw.
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