Hurricane ready...

Expecting the power to go out for a few days. Any unrefrigerated meal ideas that do not require cooking?

  • Posted by: Laurel
  • October 4, 2016


Michele October 5, 2016
I went through Sandy and was 12 days without power (we weren't in the flood zone), but we had propane and a gas cook top which I lit with a match. We also had a generator which we used for the freezer only for several hours a day to keep it cold. My freezer was full before with chilis, stews, soup, milk and bread and before the storm came I prepared 3 days of meals and had fresh salads and fruit, all washed and ready to eat in ziplocs. For the first 3 or 4 days we used all the fresh stuff and then after that we worked our way through the freezer. The key I found was to prepare the fridge and freezer with everything in a quick grabbing sequence so the door wasn't opened long. I also froze loads of ice in large containers to keep the freezer cold and when our town started handing out ice I stocked up on that too. We survived surprisingly well and with no food spoilage, but it was cold outside so the temperature helped. But it did require a lot of concentration to keep on top of the food and eating. Beyond that canned food, with a couple of can openers and sanitizing wipes in case you don't have water to wash them, and have some comfort food that lasts....chocolate makes the day so much better. Good luck, sending you very positive thoughts!
Nancy October 5, 2016
More items & dishes, not so much meals:
Condensed &/or evaporated milk, opened from a can & kept in glass or plastic, unrefrigerated - probably 1-2 days.
Powdered milk mixed with pure water.
Do not store opened canned food in the can at room temp - but a day or two in plastic, ok.
Tuna or other canned fish.
Canned beans a lifesaver. With dressing or as sandwich.
Fruits & (medium dense) vegetables that can be eaten out of hand. Too dense & they need cooking, too leafy and they degenerate fast.
Dehydrated fruits & veg (make in dehydrator or oven).
Nuts & dried fruit (as if you were on a hiking trail).
Peanut butter & jam/jelly.
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Love making a salad using canned food....canned potatoes, green beans, tuna, black olives with salt/pepper, oil and vinegar (no refrigeration necessary). Honestly, it is one of my favorites and always have the items in the pantry. I wish you well and be safe! BB
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
What's about canned food or bread?
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