Hello from Thailand, can anyone recommend me some easy college recipes I can make in my dorm?

I'm a Thai university student living in a dormitory. In my dorm, I have a refrigerator, microwave, and a small electric pan. I want to try some new menu which can cook easily. Thank you in advanced.



BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Your electric pan is gold! You can make amazing dishes....sauces, sautee vegetables/meat dishes, pan-fry, noodles. There are many one-pan recipes on this site and online. I like making a ragu sauce with ground meat, canned diced tomatoes and adding garlic, Italian herbs (basil/oregano/bay leaves). You can eat over pasta or eat it like an Italian Sloppy Joe on a roll. Delicious! Good luck! BB
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
That sounds interesting! I really love pasta and I've ever tried to cook it with pork and tomatoes sauce once. I used canned tomatoes and put a little bit salt and black pepper, but the taste is still quite sour. I failed to cook it. lol
Anyway, have you ever cooked any dessert meals with these kitchenware? I love dessert also.
Lindsay-Jean H. October 5, 2016
This recent thread on a similar topic might have some good ideas for you: https://food52.com/hotline/33585-recent-college-grad-in-a-nyc-apartment-small-kitchen-no-appliances-needs-to-cook-easy-inexperie
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
Oh! Thank you so much, I'll check it now.
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